Carl Anders Svensson


Contact information

+46 8 23 07 35

Skills profile

One of Sweden’s most experienced and well-known lawyers within the field of advertising law. Consultant and Process Agent. Author of numerous text books and manuals on marketing law. Frequently engaged as a lecturer at universities, schools and companies.


Employed as a lawyer at the Swedish Industry’s expert organ for Marketing Law (Sw: näringslivets expertorgan Konsultbyrån för Marknadsrätt) in 1971. As the CEO for the organ from 1973 to 2009, Carl-Anders built the organ up and transformed it in to a partner-owned law firm, which became a member of the Swedish Bar Association in 1996.


1970 Master of Laws (LL.M.)


1996 Swedish Bar Association

Specialist areas

Marketing Law, Advertising Law and Ethics, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, Bribery and Corruption Law


Swedish, English