About us

MarLaw Law Firm has worked exclusively with marketing law and related legal areas for over 50 years. We specialize in market law, intellectual property law and IT law, GDPR and contract law. We have extensive experience in advising clients, acting on their behalf in litigation matters, interacting with government agencies and public authorities, as well as developing training programs for clients and institutions alike. We specialize in both Swedish and international market- and intellectual property law. Our clients are primarily larger marketing intensive companies, both public and private – for example advertising agencies, media companies, newspapers and copyright owners. We have a unique network in Europe and abroad and thus represent our clients in most markets throughout the world. 

MarLaw, formerly Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt – Law firm for Market Law, was founded in 1969 by the Swedish Industry Delegation for Market Law, consisting of 26 business organizations. In our early days, we worked as an expert organ providing companies with advice and guidance on the interpretation and application of the at the time new marketing legislation that came into force in 1971, regarding unfair marketing practices. In 1996, the law firm became an admitted member of the Swedish Bar Association, a member organisation for Sweden’s practising lawyers. In 2012, we began operating under our current name, MarLaw, short for market law – the legal area in which we specialize in and are renowned for. In addition to the name change, we reviewed and modernized our communication concept. This was important for us in order to become more visible towards our increasing number of international clients, as well as a reflection of the modern and forward-thinking law firm that we are today and our extensive knowledge built up over five centuries. 

Our core values

  • Cutting edge competence

MarLaw’s substantial industry knowledge is unprecedented within the Swedish market, seeing as we are the only law firm that has worked exclusively with Marketing Law and related legal areas. Our clients can feel safe making their important decisions based upon our relevant and clear advice. 

  • Quality

MarLaw´s ambition is always to maintain an uncompromised level of quality. The unique history of our law firm and our lawyers’ exceptionally high level of interest in Marketing Law are two key elements that define our unsurpassed quality standards. We continuously develop our team’s skills in order to live up to our quality goals and to streamline our services and working procedure. 

  • Special bond with our clients

Our customer promise is to always be involved as a strong and accessible partner, working efficiently and with precision to meet all our clients needs. We organise the best and most suitable team based on each individual customer and their specific case. With a MarLaw lawyer as your counsel you will receive respect from your counterpart, the court and public authorities.

We have resolved disputes for over 50 years

When a dispute is inevitable – we’re here for you. We have extensive experience in procedural law, advising clients, as well as acting on our clients behalf in litigation matters.

In a disagreement between two or more parties, qualified legal aid can be crucial to the outcome. Not all legal cases are in need of litigation – there are other options. 

The covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on our society as well as businesses worldwide. Many events, projects and collaborations have been cancelled on short notice or postponed until further notice. We’ve faced governmental shutdowns and restrictions on one hand, while businesses set their own guidelines and policies on the other hand, making the situation even more complicated. A lot of companies were left wondering what legal implications the coronavirus would have on contractual provisions, cancellations, purchases or cancelled events. The disruptions have led to litigations, and we have often been asked the question of when a party can be relieved from performing its contractual obligations, i. e. force majeure. This difficult time has increased the awareness about the potential applicability of force majeure to commercial agreements. clearer definitions on where the boundaries go regarding force majeure when writing and interpreting future contracts.

MarLaw has extensive experience in litigation – do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to the covid-19 pandemic.

With your business in focus, we strive towards maximizing the result and settling the dispute in the most favorable way. We tailor the process to fit your needs and ensure the most optimal outcome.

  • Your organization is always our main focus
  • Optimized and effective legal advice, helping you choose between court and settlement
  • Ensuring safety and forward-thinking throughout the whole process
  • Extensive experience in legal procedures

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