MarLaw Law Firm – Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt, has worked exclusively with marketing law and related legal areas for over 45 years. This has provided MarLaw with extensive experience in advising clients, acting on their behalf in litigation matters, interacting with government agencies and public authorities as well as developing training programs for clients and institutions alike.

Today, MarLaw has the most lawyers that work solely with marketing law; an expertise that has formed our team into leading experts in this area of law. Naturally, the focal point for us is the client to whom we can offer our expert legal advice and assistance, which is rapid and effective accompanied with the high degree of service that our customers’ businesses have come to expect and appreciate.

The leading law firm in Marketing Law

MarLaw Law Firm, is the only law firm in Sweden that is exclusively engaged with Marketing Law and its related legal areas. Our vision is always to be at the forefront of our legal field.  In order to maintain this we run our business on the core values: of cutting edge competence; quality and creating a special intrinsic bond with our clients.
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Litigation matters

Since the Swedish Market Court (Marknadsdomstolen) was established in 1972, MarLaw has been engaged as counsel in a wide range and depth of cases relating to the Competition Act as well as cases involving the Marketing Act and other consumer and marketing legislation. Our lawyers have cutting edge experience in litigation matters. Additionally, MarLaw works continually with dispute resolutions in courts, tribunals, before governmental agencies and public authorities. Our theoretical expertise provides our clients with a head start, and is effectively the tipping-point in providing a positive outcome regarding their case.
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We educate and train  the Swedish advertising and communication industry

MarLaw educate and train the Swedish advertising and communication industry; Responsible Advertising Publishing (Sw: Ansvariga reklamutgivare – ARU) for the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (KOMM)

Our lawyers also set up education and training programs for companies, organisations, universities, colleges and advertising institutions e.g. Berghs School of Communication, IHR as well as various market associations.
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Lawyers at MarLaw wrote the well-known guide Hands-On Marketing Law (Sw: Praktisk marknadsrätt) in 1976. The book has become the keystone for all those working with marketing communications. Several other books, teaching materials and articles concerning Marketing Law have been and are continually being written by MarLaw´s lawyers. Examples of such publications include:

– The Swedish Law of Marketing (Sw: Den svenska marknadsföringslagstiftningen)

– A Guide to TV and Radio Regulations (Sw: Regelguide för Radio och TV)

– Rights And Wrongs In Advertisements (Sw: Rätt och fel i annonsen)

– Media Law 1, 2 and 3 (Sw: Medierätt 1, 2 och 3)

– Hands-On Information Law (Sw: Praktisk informationsrätt)

– TV-campaigns (Sw: TV-kampanjer)

– Media Production Law (Sw: Rätt i medieproduktion)

– Copyright in Advertising and Media (Sw: Upphovsrätt i reklam och media)

– Internet Law – Law and Justice Online (Sw: Nätjuridik – Lag och rätt på Internet)

– Branding – Strategy and Law (Sw: Varumärket – strategi och juridik)

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