• New Swedish gambling legislation

    Following the 1st of January 2019, a new gambling law will gain effect in Sweden. MarLaw can provide legal advice covering the whole process of acquiring gambling licenses and regulatory compliance.

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    MarLaw Law Firm, formerly Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt, specializes in Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law. The firm has not only won best law firm of the year, in its category, multiple years in a row but is also regarded as the most modern law firm in Sweden. Seeing as our lawyers share a strong interest in Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law, accompanied by the interest in our clients businesses, thus naturally creating the best conditions for a successful interaction with our clients. We organize the best and most suitable team based on each individual situation and the client´s specific requirements.

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  • Our history

    MarLaw Law Firm, formerly Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt, was founded in 1969 by The Swedish Industry’s Delegation for Marketing Law (Sw: Näringslivets Delegation för Marknadsrätt) consisting of 26 trade associations. The office became an expert organ providing companies with advice and guidance regarding the interpretation and application of the then new legislation (1971) regarding unfair marketing practices. During the mid-1980s a management-buy-out resulted in two of the office’s lawyers forming a partnership for the purpose of developing the specialised skills appertaining to marketing law and intellectual property law. In 1996, MarLaw was admitted to the Swedish Bar Association. Over the last few years we have seen a large increase in demand for expertise within MarLaw’s main areas of practice. As a result, MarLaw has expanded its specialised recruitment with experienced lawyers who enhance our Core Values. Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt AB changed its name in August 2012 to MarLaw Law Firm. MarLaw is short for the expression marketing law, the legal area in which MarLaw is renowned for its expertise.

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  • Latest news

    MarLaw has won the procurement Legal services in 2016 in the field of intellectual property. MarLaw was ranked #1 in all of Sweden (regions of South, Central, North). The general agreement means 850 contracting authorities now have access to MarLaws expertise in intellectual property.

  • Latest news

    MarLaw took a grand slam when prices in this year’s law firm was awarded in 2015 by the research company Regi. MarLaw won not only the Year award law firm in its class, but also won the title as Sweden’s most modern law firm.

  • Latest news

    The 2016 LIDC Congress will take place in Geneva, Switzerland!

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We are extremely proud of the response that you, our clients have shown us. It gives us proof that our expertise is appreciated and that we are moving in the right direction. It also provides the motivation to continue to develop.

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Marlaw - what we do

MarLaw Law Firm has worked exclusively with marketing law and related legal areas for over 45 years. This has provided MarLaw with extensive experience in advising clients, acting on their behalf in litigation matters, interacting with government agencies and public authorities as well as developing training programs for clients and institutions alike.

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As early as 1976 our lawyers wrote the highly acclaimed handbook Hands-On Marketing Law (Sw: Praktisk marknadsrätt). This book has become the sector’s keystone.

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Experienced litigators

MarLaw has been engaged as counsel in a numerous amount of cases ever since the 70’s. Therefore, MarLaw can offer an unprecedented level of experience and competence.

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INTA – Next year in Boston!

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and...

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New Swedish gambling legislation

Following the 1st of January 2019, a new gambling law will gain effect in Sweden. In brief, the new...

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MARQUES is the European association representing the interests of brand owners. MARQUES mission is to educate in the selection,...

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MarLaw´s involvement in AIPPI

AIPPI is an intellectual property association working both nationally and internationally with intellectual property issues. AIPPI Sverige is Sweden’s...

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Here you will find our selection of seminars, courses and educations. Our lawyers are very much in demand as a lecturer and has extensive experience in our legal field. Contact us by telephone +46 8 23 07 35 to find out more about how we can tailor a course that suits you!

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TU och advokatfirman MarLaw bjuder in till frukostseminarium!

TU och advokatfirman MarLaw bjuder in till ett frukostseminarium med anledning av de nya lagförslagen för marknadsföring av spel om pengar, samt om den...

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