Tailor-Made Courses for your Business

Our lawyers have become proficient lecturers with their significant experience and level of expertise. MarLaw educates and trains within institutions such as the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (KOMM). Furthermore, MarLaw´s lawyers have substantial experience in structuring relevant business courses for companies, organisations universities, colleges and advertising schools like Berghs School of Communication and IHR.

Give us a call on +46 8 23 07 35 to get more information about how we can customize a business course exclusively for your company or organization!

In-house courses

Our law firm provides a wide range of in-house courses tailored to the client’s needs. All courses are structured upon case-based pedagogy in which the theoretical elements are presented alongside practical and relevant examples of court cases. The courses may be held in vasrious formats e.g. half day, full day or intensive.

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