Core values

MarLaw’s vision is always to lead within Marketing Law and related legal areas on the Swedish market. ”We operate qualitatively to support Swedish enterprise when it comes to marketing and to promote the development of appropriate business plans.”

MarLaw has the many lawyers working with Marketing Law. We have acted in many Marketing Law litigation matters and we have published a part of didactic material in the marketing field.

MarLaw’s lawyers train Swedish advertising agencies (Sw: ARU) and advertisement purchasers, universities, colleges, organizations and the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (Sw: KOMM). This makes MarLaw the most influential law firm in the field of Marketing Law. In order to maintain our vision we have built our business on the following Core Values:

Cutting edge competence

MarLaw’s lawyers offer a high standard of cutting edge competence. MarLaw has worked with Marketing Law and related legal areas. We have worked with Marketing Law for over 50 years resulting in an unprecedented level of experience and know-how. We offer relevant and clear answers that provide an important foundation upon which our clients’ decision-making policies can be safely based.


Quality is fundamental for us. MarLaw’s ambition is always to maintain its uncompromised level of quality. Our unique history as a law firm and our lawyers’ exceptionally high level of interest in Marketing Law are two key elements that define our unsurpassed quality standards. Our business culture is based on the continuous development of our team’s skills in order to achieve our quality goals and to streamline our services and working procedure. MarLaw believes that it is our lawyers’ concerted expertise and experience which provides our client with the greatest quality of advice available in the legal market today. Our experience provides the security and confidence our clients demand.

Special Bond with our Clients

Our lawyers share a strong interest in Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law. This genuine interest accompanied by our interest in our clients´ businesses naturally create the best conditions for a successful interaction with our clients. We organise the best and most suitable team based on each individual situation and the client´s specific requirements.

Our ambition is always to be involved as a strong and accessible partner. This facilitates the rapidity and precision of our service in which the client’s needs are at the epicentre. The net effect is that the client always gets the assistance required whenever it is required. This can be summed-up as the MarLaw promiseWith a MarLaw lawyer as your counsel you will receive respect from your counterpart, the court and public authorities.

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