Regis Legal Industry Study 2020

What makes marlaw unique according to the clients

“They have a unique knowledge and fingertip feeling and can give quick and adequate answers. They work so much with markering issues.”

“Extremely knowledgeable in our field, reliable and meets delivery deadlines.”


“Legal expertise and specialist competence, as well as a long and reliable relationship with personal ties.”

Delivery capacity – clients’ feedback

“Delivers on time, proactivity and results to satisfaction.”

“Perfect in every way.”

Agency representation – clients’ feedback

“MarLaw has rationally demonstrated the benefits of using the agency for more than the obvious parts of the business. As they have shown great competence in related areas, we have gradually expanded our cooperation to include a very large pars of their range of services. They have been clear and they had more to offer and we have gradually taken advantage of this more and more.”

Strengths = excellent skills, customer focus and responsibility

“They sort out how it relates, the fact-finding and make a judgment based on what is found. They put hard work into what they do.”

“High level of expertise and commercialism in connection with the responsiveness and the ability to communicate effectively.”

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