As early as 1976 our lawyers wrote the highly acclaimed handbook Hands-On Marketing Law (Sw: Praktisk marknadsrätt). This book has become the sector’s keystone and has run to ten revised editions. It is central to courses for the Accountable Publisher of Advertising Certification. Furthermore, the book is commonly used by universities, law firms, in-house lawyers and other legal practitioners as well as serving as a handbook for marketing managers, project leaders, public relations officers and information clerks. In addition, other books, teaching materials and articles concerning marketing law have been and are continuously being written by Marlaw’s lawyers. Examples of such publications are:

– The Swedish Law of Marketing (Sw: Den svenska marknadsföringslagstiftningen)

– A Guide to The Regulations of Radio and TV (Sw: Regelguide för Radio och TV)

– Rights And Wrongs In Advertisments (Sw: Rätt och fel i annonsen)

– Media Law 1, 2 and 3 (Sw: Medierätt 1, 2 och 3)

– Hands-On Information Law (Sw: Praktisk informationsrätt)

– TV-campaigns (Sw: TV-kampanjer)

– Media Production Law (Sw: Rätt i medieproduktion)

– Copyright in Advertising and Media (Sw: Upphovsrätt i reklam och media)

– Internet Law – Law and Justice Online (Sw: Nätjuridik – Lag och rätt på Internet)

– Branding – Strategy and Law (Sw: Varumärket – strategi och juridik)

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