MarLaw Law Firm, formerly Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt, was founded in 1969 by The Swedish Industry’s Delegation for Marketing Law (Sw: Näringslivets Delegation för Marknadsrätt) consisting of 26 trade associations. The office became an expert organ providing companies with advice and guidance regarding the interpretation and application of the then new legislation (1971) regarding unfair marketing practices. During the mid-1980s a management-buy-out resulted in two of the office’s lawyers forming a partnership for the purpose of developing the specialised skills appertaining to marketing law and intellectual property law. In 1996, MarLaw was admitted to the Swedish Bar Association. Over the last few years we have seen a large increase in demand for expertise within MarLaw’s main areas of practice. As a result, MarLaw has expanded its specialised recruitment with experienced lawyers who enhance our Core Values.

Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt AB changed its name in August 2012 to MarLaw Law Firm. MarLaw is short for the expression marketing law, the legal area in which MarLaw is renowned for its expertise. The name now reflects the firm’s modernity and unique insight built up over four decades. The firm’s communication concept has also been revised and modernised. The name change was an integral step to embrace MarLaw’s increasing number of international clients.
Due to our particularly strong specialisation MarLaw will not undertake assignments other than those covered by the areas of marketing law, intellectual property law, IT-law and associated contract law. Within these areas MarLaw provides legal advice and can assist with litigation, particularly in the Swedish Market Court, as well as dispute resolution. Furthermore, MarLaw can support you with matters regarding government agencies, public authorities, tribunals, courts and self-regulatory organisations such as The Swedish Advertising Ombudsman.

MarLaw’s clients are mainly large companies, operating in the public and private sector, which are focused on a range of marketing matters. Such matters relate to both consumers and business-to-business, as well as advertising agencies and media companies. We normally work with the Swedish and Nordic market, however, we handle an ever-increasing number of assignments of a European and Global nature.

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