Marketing Law

“Marketing law covers all those communication channels between companies and customers”

Marketing law covers all those communication channels between companies and customers. It encompasses everything from the advertising of medicine, alcohol and food products to how consumer promotions may be formulated. The EU-harmonised Marketing Practices Act provides for sanctions e.g. heavy fines (market disruption fee) that may have considerable financial consequences. Therefore, it is a shrewd investment to engage MarLaw as your partner in order for campaigns to be examined before being made public. Advertisers, sponsors and publicity agencies are also responsible for the content of their marketing material.

MarLaw’s expertise and legal know-how, established from noteworthy experience in this field, is a fundamental prerequisite for companies regarding their legal and ethical communication with the market. Our rapid response to queries along with the coherence of our replies both provide clients with a high degree of effective legal support.

In 1976, MarLaw’s lawyers, wrote the acclaimed handbook Practical Marketing (Sw: Praktisk marknadsrätt). It has become a benchmark within its field and has been published in eight editions. Several other books, textbooks and articles on marketing law topics have been written by the firm’s lawyers.

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