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MarLaw supporting relief organization Help Needed

We are very proud that our former colleague Mireille Wildh has made a great effort for refugees on Lesbos. Read her story about her work.

“3-7 December, I went with MarLaws support to Lesbos with the helping organisation Help Needed. I and my team met people at the beach that had made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in a rubber boat. With every boat came between 10-20 children. The youngest child I met was only four days old.

I have warmed more icy and wet children’s feet than I can count, and wrapped in blankets shaking small children bodies. I have also seen the scared children’s faces light up with a smile at the sight of a piece of chocolate or a balloon and I have met with grateful glances and gestures of adults with a “thank you”. Gaining the trust of a child’s parents to raise their children from a potential death trap, carry ashore, console, keep and change clothes at is incredibly large.

What is happening in Europe right now means we all have to help out and do that little bit extra. I am proud to work for an agency that helps to spread love and compassion. I am proud that MarLaw has provided food packages to families in place and also to make Fadis, “Fadi the Syrian” which he wrote when he laid out his number in my phone, and his family continued travel through Europe easier. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.”

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