Advertising Law

Advertising Law is often used as a term to define legislation regulating advertising content and layout. The EU-harmonized Marketing Practices Act provides for sanctions e.g. heavy fines (market disruption fee) that may have considerable financial consequences. Therefore, it is a shrewd investment to allow us to examine your campaign before it is made public. Advertisers, sponsors and advertising agencies are also responsible for the content of their marketing material.

MarLaw AB’s – Advokatfirman för Marknadsrätt, expertise and legal sensitivity, established from considerable experience in this field, is a pre-requisite for companies regarding their legal and ethical communication with the market. We can provide advertising agencies and their clients with a risk-analysis for their marketing activities, assist in drafting contracts as well as being an active partner in advertising-related negotiations and dispute resolution. We can clarify and guide you through the law finding solutions for any legal issues which may arise.

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