Copyright arises automatically on the creation of a wide variety of works. It provides protection for music, texts, artwork, computer code and photographs. It also implies that authors of such creations often belong to a special group that includes musicians, writers, advertising agencies, designers and programmers to name just a few.

Copyright is a form of ownership and it signifies that an unauthorised party cannot use protected works without permission. Copyright spans the author’s lifetime and an additional 70 years. The Swedish upphovsrätt corresponds to what is commonly known as copyright in Anglo-Saxon legal systems. As far as an “intellectual creation” is concerned, ownership rights are more diffused and it may be difficult to single out what is protected and to determine what rights the owner shall have.

Our lawyers are specialized in copyright law and they have practical experience in addressing a wide range of issues that may arise in this area including making legal assessments of the creative material, drafting contracts and acting on your behalf in copyright litigation matters. Furthermore, we can assist companies and organisations in identifying and protecting their copyright material.