Life Science and Health

Sweden is a hub for healthcare innovation in a wide range of specialist areas and constitutes one of EU’s most innovative countries in terms of Life Science and Health. The industry i characterized by strong growth where Sweden is at the forefront of meeting urgent global health challenges. A challenge for many companies in the industry is to comply with the highly complex regulation, which emphasizes high demands throughout the whole value chain. Borderline issues often arise for products that move between different strictly regulated markets, this may apply to:

•  Medical products
•  Medical devices
•  Cosmetics
•  Food products

MarLaw law firm works with a wide range of issues related to Life Science and Health, such as manufacturing, distribution and marketing. We have good knowledge of the industry’s market and conditions, and regularly handle complex issues that arise in connection with operations in the industry.

Our legal advice includes:

•  Regulatory issues
•  Marketing law
•  Intellectual property law
•  Contract law

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